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Tips To Wrap Meat In Bacon

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Nearly everything tastes better with bacon or bacon wrapped around it. In recent years, the bacon mania has swept the US and Canada making it very popular with chefs and consumers. To please these  consumers, chefs  have created a range of bacon-related dishes. As a result, there are several bacon wrapped meat dishes that have become popular. In fact, you can pick and choose the meat you want like chicken, turkey, beef, pork, ham, shrimp, quail, partridge etc and wrap it to make wonderful starters or main courses.



How to Make Bacon Wrapped Meat Dishes?


1. Pick Your Stuffing and Meat

Any type of meat may be used to make the dish. For low – fat dishes, chefs may use chicken or turkey. Salt cured pork, mutton and beef may be used to make the roll. Chefs recommend the use of bacon for game meat which is usually lean and low in fat. Strips of bacon are wrapped around the game meat to ensure that the meat remains moist and flavorful during the cooking process.  Turkey wrapped bacon is also very common as the bacon is used to retain moisture in the turkey breast. Some chefs also fmake richer versions by stuffing meat mixtures into a layer of bacon. Stuffing combinations may vary from considerably and they may contain forcemeat, sausages, minced meat and/ or vegetables that are wrapped in meat to make a bacon and meat roll. For more exotic versions of bacon wrapped meat, chefs may use rare or exotic meats and then wrap them with bacon.


2. Pick Your Bacon

Streaky bacon is the best as it is particularly high in fat. The fat melts as the meat cooks imparting a smoky taste to the meat as it cooks. You can use Canadian bacon, turkey bacon, Virginia Bacon, fake bacon or TVP to make low fat versions.


3. Preparing and Serving

The meat and bacon is wrapped up and cooked in a range of methods. You can season the meat anyway you want. The meat and bacon wrap can be grilled, seared, roasted, panfried, braised etc. Ensure that you follow the cooking times for each cut of meat.


  • Use a meat thermometer to ensure that the meat is cooked inside the wrap.
  • Bite-sized pieces of meat can be used instead of a whole piece of meat. These bite-sized pieces of bacon wrapped meat can be served as appetizers.
  • Chefs may also choose to wrap bacon around meat based products like meatloaf, meatballs, ham balls, fish sticks, etc.


Any kind of meat can be wrapped with bacon to make a delicious wrap. Do you have a particular version that you swear by? Do share it with other readers here or mail it to us. We'll be happy to post it for you.


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Tips To Wrap Meat In Bacon