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Tips To Wrap Cream Cheese In Bacon

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Can you imagine hot creamy cheese squirting out from a hot bacony shell? That’s exactly what a bacon n’cream cheese wrap does inside your mouth. Some anonymous but brilliant chef came up with this innovative recipe. Somehow, he managed to wrap a cube of cream cheese with strips of bacon. The bacon is deep-fried or baked forming a crispy shell around a soft cheesy center. A large range of variations of the basic recipe exist and chefs may spread fillets of chicken, beef, or leafy vegetables like spinach with cream cheese, roll it up and then wrap the roll with bacon.



How to Make Your Own Version of Bacon n’ Cream Cheese Wraps?


1. Choosing the Cream Cheese and Stuffing Ingredients

Most manufacturers now make cubed cream cheese in a range of flavors. The most popular brands are probably made by Kraft which manufactures Philadelphia cream cheese which has brick and cubes versions that can be used. You can pick other brands like Neufchatel cheese, Hahn’s cream cheese, Elle & Vire etc which are available in the US. For example, you can find peppered cream cheese, garlic and onion cream cheese and even jalapeno-flavored cream cheese. The cubes have to be chilled properly before they can be wrapped with bacon. This will delay the melting during the cooking process.  To make a richer version, chefs sometimes use thin sheets of chicken, pounded beef or flat leafy vegetables. These sheets are spread with cream cheese or wrapped with around the cube of cream cheese.  Other ingredients may also be used according to the chef’s personal taste and discretion. A range of flavoring ingredients like herbs and spices may also be used to flavor the meat in the dish.


2. Choosing the Bacon

Several different varieties of bacon are available. You can choose any variety that you want. For example, side bacon is the most commonly available American bacon as the meat is cut from the side of the pig. It is smoked and flavored with sugar, maple syrup etc and can be used to flavor the meat roll. Other varieties that can be used include pancetta, Canadian bacon, slab bacon, peameal bacon etc.


3. Preparing and Cooking Cream Cheese and Bacon Wraps

After you have prepared the wrap, it can be prepared in any method. For example, the wrap may be batter fried, deep-fried, baked, roasted, grilled, braised etc. 




  • Brick cream cheese is ideal for this dish as it can be chopped up to create the ideal filling for the wraps. Brick cream cheese will have the same taste as cream cheese but it will be moldable to form any shape or size.
  • To add an extra bacony kick, you can use bacon fat or sauces as basting liquids while roasting the wrap.



Bacon and cream cheese wraps may seem to be high in fat but they are delicious. We suggest you eat in moderation but do enjoy these lovely poppers. Do you have any modification on this recipe? Do let us know by writing in to us.


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Tips To Wrap Cream Cheese In Bacon