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Tips To Steam Yam

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561823-tips-to-steam-yam.jpgsaxeizfrbt6fpoyfmrqfb1dyqcqved0caoq8wc4dausgafqjcnf7tnuxutf3ind58uxetpuc0tjaggSweet potatoes and yams are often confused but yams are known to date back to thousands of years when they were cooked at homes on a regular basis. Steaming yam was preferred then and even now, since it is the only way its nutrition count is retained. Grilling, pan frying or baking adds to the calorie count and dicards all nutrients present in this starchy vegetable. Americans have always steamed the vegetable in the same way - here are a few time tested tips which you will find useful.


Easy Tips:


Preparing the yam:

  • Wash the yam thoroughly. You can use a dish scrubber which works excellently to remove dirt and debris from the vegetable. If you come across any dark or rough spot in the vegetable, you can remove it.


Peel and chop:

  • Yams should be ideally peeled before steaming. You can have them chopped or use large chunks as per your recipe instructions. However, bite size pieces are encouraged since it makes eating easy.


Temperature and Time:

  • Once the water starts boiling in the pot, you will have to place the yams. Let them steam cook at 180-200 degree F for 20 minutes, keeping the flame high. After the said time you can lower the flame and let the yams rest for ten minutes.


Check if cooked:

  • Cooked yams will be soft and tender. Insert a fork or knife to see if  they have turned soft which means that the yams are now ready to be eaten.


It is as simple as that - you do not need elaborate arrangements or equipment to prepare steamed yam at home.So do it now and enjoy it in many ways!


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Tips To Steam Yam