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Tips To Wrap Salmon In Bacon

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Salmon is a delicious fish that is rich in essential vitamins and minerals. To add a smoky flavor to the fish, some chefs use bacon and wrap it around the fish fillet. The fat in the bacon can make the fish soft and flavorful and it also ensures a rich meaty taste to the delicious fish.


There are several variations on the basic recipe but we do have several tips that you can use to make your own bacon wrapped salmon.




Cooking Your Version of Bacon Wrapped Salmon


1. Selecting and Buying Salmon

Almost any variety of salmon can be used in this dish. You can get fresh salmon from mid-April to about late October. Apart from fresh salmon, you can easily use fresh frozen salmon that is FAS or frozen at sea and it quite good. You can choose from King Salmon, Sockeye, Soho or any variety that is locally available. We recommend King Salmon or US Atlantic Salmon which is particularly rich in taste and texture. It also absorbs any kind of sauce or flavoring and is very tasty with bacon. If you cannot find fresh salmon then you can choose canned varieties that are cheaper and available all year round. However, there will be a significant taste difference in the canned fish and the fresh fish.


2. Choosing the Bacon

Almost any variety of bacon can be used to flavor the fish. You can use streaky bacon which is ideal to form a crust around the fish. If you want a low fat version, you can use Canadian bacon or turkey bacon which is just as delicious and flavorful.


3. Seasoning the Fish and Bacon

Salmon has a wonderful fresh flavor of its own and you can use any ingredients to bring out the flavor of the dish. We suggest you use simple herbs and flavoring ingredients like Dijon mustard, thyme and lemon juice, dill and pepper etc which will accentuate the taste of the fish. If possible marinate the fish for ten minutes in the seasoning ingredients and then wrap with the bacon. You can pan-fry, grill or roast the fish and bacon wrap for ten minutes. It takes about 10-20 minutes to complete cooking.



  • Salmon cooks quickly. Ensure that you watch the fish carefully during the cooking process.
  • Pound the bacon slices with a mallet to make thin sheets. These sheets will cook faster resulting in a crisp shell around the fish.
  • The bacon will shrink during cooking. Wrap the sheets loosely around the fish or they will squeeze the fish into an hourglass shape.


We hope these few tips will help you make the perfect bacon wrapped salmon for your dinner parties. Try these tips out and let us know how they worked for you.


Image Credit – jbugskitchenantics , wikipedia


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Tips To Wrap Salmon In Bacon