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Tips To Wrap Spinach In Bacon

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Spinach is a very nutritious leafy green vegetable that is particularly high in iron content. It is commonly combined with other vegetables and wrapped with bacon to form a delicious appetizer. Spinach is usually consumed raw in the form of baby spinach leaves in soups and salads but it can be wilted and combined with other vegetables to from spinach and bacon wraps.


Wondering How to Make Wraps of Spinach and Bacon


1. Selecting the Vegetables

Spinach is a thin leafy vegetable with a mild bitter taste due to is high oxalic acid content. It can be used raw or wilted to make the spinach and bacon wrap. Spinach itself is very soft and flexible and to provide consistency and shape to the bacon and spinach wrap, most chefs prefer to add other vegetables as well. For example, a few chefs add potatoes, carrots, onions and tomatoes the wrap and then wrap the bacon around this filling. The spinach may be cooked with these ingredients or just wrapped around raw flavored ingredients to make a roll. Any variety of ingredients may be used like feta cheese, cheddar cheese, meats, sweet fruits like sliced apples, sweet kumquats, mandarin oranges, and nuts like almonds, Brazil nuts and chestnuts etc may be combined with spinach to create the stuffing for the wrap.


2. Choosing the Bacon

Pancetta is the ideal bacon for this bacon wrap. This Italian-version of bacon is seasoned with nutmeg, fennel, pepper, and garlic and cured in salt. Several different versions are available but the taste of this bacon seems to combine particularly well with spinach. Of course, you can also use Canadian bacon which is flat and wide. These flat strips are ideal for wrapping around the spinach filling. Irish bacon may also be used as it is brined and sliced thin. Its not very lean but it does have a great taste and it combines well with spinach. To produce a vegetarian version of this dish, you can use TVP or tofurkey which are high protein but low-fat vegetarian versions of bacon.


3. Preparing and Serving the Wrap

Most chefs prepare a mixture of wilted spinach with other ingredients to be used as a filling. This filling is then wrapped with bacon and secured with a toothpick. To make a richer version of the dish, chefs may also wrap this roll with tortillas, or stuff it into pizza bread. The wrap may be sautéed, grilled, or roasted and then served with a fresh salad and dips as an appetizer.


These bacon and spinach wraps are very easy to make and they are incredibly versatile as a range of ingredients may be used. They can also be made well in advance for special occasions. If you have any tasty variations of this dish, do write in to us and let us know about them.


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Tips To Wrap Spinach In Bacon