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Tips To Steam Pork

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561774-delicious-steamed-pork.jpgsaxeibwxat5tdfon5rqfqintmbwved0cakq8wcusgafqjcnf-ivrsbwnhqxpwpupbu9x-93nsnaIf you have trouble making pork or looking for an easy way to prepare it, we have an interesting option for you. Steaming pork is  a preferred way of cooking, since it makes the meat tender and quite moist which is tough to get in other ways of cooking. Moreover, steamed pork is nutritious since its nutrients are not lost which happens when the meat is boiled. It is quite easy to steam at home - just go through our tips and you will find the task to be easy.


Simple Tips:


Choose pork ribs:

  • Though you can steam any other section but the ribs taste really delicious when steamed. The meat gets cooked in its fat and retains all the ingredients which are usually lost otherwise.


Choose the right equipment:


Wash the meat:

  • Before steaming wash the meat thoroughly in cold water. Chop these in small bite size pieces - though this is not absolutely necessary, we choose to do this, so that it becomes easy to separate them when steamed.



Choose your favorite pork marinade and fill it in a sealable plastic bag. Place all the rib pieces in the bag to soak them well. Keep this bag in the refrigerator for at least 50 minutes. If you are looking forward to some more flavor you can marinate the pork overnight.


Steaming time and temperature:

Pork takes around 20 minutes to cook at 200 degree F. The top of the steamer needs to be covered up while steaming and the burner needs to be at medium high level.


Check if cooked:

It is easy to check if the meat is cooked. Perfectly steamed pork will be soft and will turn pink. If it hasn't turned pink, it means it will need some more time to cook.



Once you are confirmed that the meat is cooked remove it from the steamer and serve with the right seasonings.


Steaming pork is quite simple and can be mastered within 2-3 attempts. So, what are you waiting for? Try it now!


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Tips To Steam Pork