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Tips To Steam Celery

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561732-raw-celery-for-steaming.jpgsaxeiynfyt6moo8hprqf7lihfbgved0cakq8wc4ngusgafqjcnefyycof1zlg8pq-yqoiulhjbcpqwFond of steamed veggies? Here is something which is surely going to interest you. Steamed celery is a hot favorite - it has a subtle sweet flavor and  makes a nutritious addition due to its antioxidants and vitamins to several items like salads and soups. Here are a few ideas which will help you while steaming the vegetable.


Remove its strings:

The stems take a long time to cook - it is best to remove its strings. You can just pass the vegetable peeler on the outer surface of the stalk and remove its strings from the core.


Chop and clean:

This is an important task which needs to be done before steaming. Chop huge bunches of celery while keeping its stalk intact. The chopped portions can be placed in a colander and its leaves removed as you choose to clean the stalks. This ensures that the vegetable is totally clean when using.



Celery will start turning soft between 140-170 degree F. Let the vegetable steam at this temperature for 10-12 minutes with the lid on.



Perfectly cooked celery will be soft but should not melt away. Check if soft to touch and then remove it from the basket. Remove excess water and let it cool - you can even place the vegetable in chilled water which will stop the cooking process and prevent it from overcooking.


It is as simple as that - steam fresh celery whenever you are looking for something really quick or when you are in a hurry. Everyone is going to love it.


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Tips To Steam Celery