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Tips To Wrap Fish In Bacon

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Fish is really easy to cook and it has a simple fresh flavor that is delicious with the least amount of seasoning. To create an extraordinary dish, chefs wrap pieces of fish with bacon and serve it with tart sauces as appetizers or as main courses. The entire dish depends on the choice of extremely fresh, firm white fish with a mild taste so that it can combine well with bacon.


Preparing Fish and Bacon Wraps.


1. Selecting Fish

Almost any variety of fish is great with bacon. However, most chefs seem to prefer firm white fish like monkfish, halibut, mahi-mahi, cod, barramundi, rockfish, salmon and tilapia. These fishes have firm white or orangey flesh which stays firm during the cooking process. The meat may also be sweet with an almost neutral taste which combines well with bacon. Chefs recommend the use of such sweet-to-neutral tasting fish as the flesh has to absorb the fat released by the bacon coating. Try to avoid the use of high-oil content fishes like mackerel and sardines which will release their own oil. This oily taste may not blend well with bacon. Fresh or frozen fish fillets may be used and you can season the fish with almost any herbs, spices or flavoring ingredients.


2. Selecting Bacon

Almost any variety of bacon can be used for wrapping fish fillets. For a low fat version, use turkey bacon which is precooked. If you want a crunchy shell on the fish, you can use streaky bacon. We particularly recommend the use of peppered bacon or herb encrusted bacon for this dish. These flavors combine particularly well with fish.


3. Preparing and Serving

Ask the fish monger to cut the fish fillets into manageable pieces. Season the fish with the ingredients you have selected and wrap the bacon around the fish. Fish can cook very fast. As a result, a thick slice of bacon will mean that the fish will cook on the inside but the bacon will remain rubbery. You may have to pound the bacon to make a super-thin slice. Wrap the thinned bacon around the fish and season again if required. This fish n’ bacon wrap can be prepared in any way you like. You can choose sautéing, roasting, grilling but remember to watch the cooking time carefully. It will take only 8-10 minutes for the fish to cook properly.



  • Ask the fishmonger to provide uniformly sized fish fillets. These will be easier to wrap and they will cook quickly as well.


Almost any variety of fish can be prepared in this method and you can also use frozen fish which will speed up the cooking process. Just make sure that you choose fresh white fish fillets which will blend well with the fatty taste of bacon. If you have prepared this dish at home, share your cooking techniques with us. 


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Tips To Wrap Fish In Bacon