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Tips To Wrap Egg In Bacon

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Everybody loves bacon and eggs but imagine wrapping strips of bacon around an egg and then serving it as an appetizer or breakfast dish.  There are many variations of the basic recipe which means that you can prepare several different varieties with the same set of ingredients.


Another advantage is that eggs and bacon are a very well recognized breakfast combination but they are served separately. Bacon wrapped egg combines both ingredients together and uses a garnish to make a single dish. We've done most of the legwork for you and found a variety of bacon wrapped egg making tips that you can use to make a perfect dish.


Step-by-step Guide to Preparing Bacon Wrapped Eggs


1. Choose Your Eggs

Ideally, any variety of fresh chicken eggs can be used but you can also use duck eggs if you can find them. Try to find organic, farm fresh eggs or range fed eggs as these hens are reared on organic feed. The eggs will also be free of antibiotics, chemicals and fertilizers and they are usually extremely tasty. They will also contain more Omega-3 and twice as much Vitamin E and Vitamin A in the yolk. You can use up to two eggs per guest if the eggs are small. For low-fat versions, you can use egg white or egg white substitute to create the dish.


2.Select Bacon Varieties

There are thousands of different bacon varieties that you can choose from. For example, if you want to use a low fat version, you can choose center cut bacon. You can also use streaky bacon which has a slightly higher fat content. Side bacon can also be used as the rind or skin is removed and it is easier to wrap. This bacon is also available in the form of flavored bacon. Popular flavors include honey, smoked maple, black pepper, sugar and spices etc.  If you want meatier bacon in the dish, Canadian bacon, Pancetta or Peameal is a good choice.


3.Seasonings and Flavorings


You can use any variety of flavoring ingredients in the dish. For example, some chefs prefer to use salt, pepper and herbs while other will use cheese, bacon salt and dill to flavor the bacon wrapped eggs. A few recipes also use a breadbowl as the base and then stuff it with bacon and steamed spinach. A soft boiled eggs is then served inside the breadbowl



There are several methods by which bacon wrapped eggs are produced. For example, some chefs prefer to hard boil the eggs. These eggs are then covered with a coating of breadcrumbs, flour, bacon bits, pepper and cheese and then deep fried to form bacon wrapped eggs. Another version stuffs the egg into an avocado and then wraps the whole thing with strips of cooked bacon. The easiest version is made by using muffin pans. Strips of bacon are layered into the pots of a muffin tin and baked for ten minutes. The bacon cup is seasoned and one egg is cracked into each cup. The eggs are then seasoned with cheese, pepper, bacon salt, herbs and spices and baked for in a preheated oven for 10 minutes for soft centered eggs and 20 minutes for well-done eggs.


  1. You can pre cook the bacon before inserting it into the muffin tin.
  2. For a low-fat version, use turkey bacon and egg whites to make the dish.
  3. If you want to use cheese, you can use feta, cheddar or gruyere cheese on the eggs. Make sure that you are watching the salt content of the dish.


Bacon wrapped eggs are a very popular breakfast dish as they are quick as easy to make. We suggest you serve them with toasted bread and fresh fruit juice for a wonderful start to the day.


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Tips To Wrap Egg In Bacon