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Tips To Wrap Cheese In Bacon

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Cheese wrapped bacon is an ideal appetizer or starter for parties. Slices of bacon are wrapped around chunks of fresh cottage cheese or processed cheese to make cheese and bacon wraps. These tiny wraps are ideal finger foods and they are super-simple to make. You can buy all the ingredients readymade and it just takes twenty minutes to make about 50 of these luscious cheese n’ bacon bites. We've got a few simple tricks that will help you make these wraps as quickly as possible.


Preparing Cheese n’ Bacon Wraps


1. Selecting the Cheese

Cheese is generally produced in a wide range of flavors, tastes and textures. It does have a high fat, protein, calcium and phosphorous content which can make it very tasty. The moisture and fat content of the cheese is very important while making bacon wrapped cheese.  High fat and moisture containing cheeses like mozzarella, cheddar, raclette etc can melt during the cooking process deforming the wrap. You will have to add a buffer ingredient which will stablilize the wrap.  You can prepare a pure bacon wrapped cheese wrap by using acid-set cheeses like halloumi, paneer, whey cheeses and fresh goat cheeses which have a stable protein structure. Cooking just makes these cheeses harder as the moisture inside the cheese evaporates.


2. Seleting Other Ingredients

A combination of pure cheese and bacon can be overwhelming due to the high fat content of both. As a result, most chefs prefer to add a buffer ingredient which will provide a contrast in taste and texture. For example, baked macaroni and cheese may be used as a cheese stuffing and bacon strips are wrapped around it. Other popular cheese stuffing variations include the use of tomato slices sandwiching a slice of cheese and then wrapping the bacon slices around it or cheese stuffed jalapeno peppers as the center and wrapping the bacon around it. One very popular recipe uses bacon in the form of a woven net. This net is baked, filled with cheese, rolled up and baked again to create a cheese n’ bacon roll. You can use any type of ingredient like potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, onions and even bread dough as a buffer ingredient. It will hold the cheese in place and stabilize the wrap as you wrap with bacon and cook it.


3. Selecting the Bacon

Bacon is very high in fat and salt. We suggest you use a low-salt, low-fat organic bacon brand when making this dish. It will cut down on your fat and salt consumption and lighten the taste of the appetizer. Cheese can melt very fast and burn while the bacon cooks; it’s a good idea to use pre-cooked bacon like turkey bacon. A completely vegetarian version can also be made by combining fake bacon in the form of processed and flavored tofu or textured soy protein (TVP) with the cheese.


4. Wrapping the Bacon n’ Cheese Bites

If you are using ingredients like potatoes, onions, sausages etc, make sure that you precook or blanch them before use. Wrap the cheese around the ingredients and then roll up the cheese parcel in the bacon. Secure firmly with a toothpick and chill for ten minutes before cooking. The chilling process hardens the cheese and makes it easier to cook.


5. Cooking and Serving Bacon n’ Cheese Bites

Sautéing or pan-frying the wrap is ideal. You can also place the wrap-ups on a baking tray and bake in a preheated oven at 200C/400F/Gas 6 for 10 minutes. Ensure that you watch the cheese carefully though as it can melt and burn quite quickly



  • If you are using acid-set cheeses to make your bacon and cheese bites, check the salt content of the cheese and adjust the bacon slices accordingly.


Bacon n’ Cheese wraps are a versatile addition to any meal. If you use several different cheese varieties, you can actually create several diferent tastes with the same ingredients.


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Tips To Wrap Cheese In Bacon