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Tips To Wrap Turkey In Bacon

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Turkey meat can dry out very quickly during the cooking process but wrapping parts of the bird in bacon seems to be the best way to retain its flavor, moistness and texture. This is particularly important during Thanksgiving when you have to roast a whole bird and create a perfect meal for friends and family.


Most people find it difficult to cook the whole turkey properly and they land up with undercooked birds which have overcooked dry breasts and thighs. This time around, if you are planning on roasting a whole turkey, you should consider wrapping the whole bird in bacon. This may seem difficult and too much of a mess but it’s really quite easy to do. We’ve collected a few tips on how to prepare the bird in this method and you should take a look. You just might be able to prepare the perfect turkey to impress friends and family



Surprisingly Easy Tips on How to Make Turkey and Bacon Wraps


1. Choose Your Ingredients

Commercially farmed turkey is bred to have larger than normal breasts as that is what consumers want. As a result, these thicker meat pieces take longer to cook and they dry out quickly. If you are planning to cook a whole turkey or even smaller pieces of meat, we suggest you go online and find a website that retails wild turkey breeds. You can also choose organic turkeys or turkey meats from an organic farm. These breeds contain lesser fat and are more proportionate in size. You will get organic turkey breasts or turkey legs which can also be wrapped with bacon. For novice cooks, self-basting turkeys are the best as they cook faster. For wrapping the meat, you can choose any variety of center cut bacon as it has a moderate amount of fat. You can use any seasonings you want on the turkey meat or the bird before wrapping them with bacon.


2. Prepare The Meat

Once you have chosen the meat, you have to wrap the meat with bacon. Most chefs recommend that you first brine the meat. Prepare the brine solution by simmering 2 liters of water with 1 cup of salt, 1/2 cup sugar, and spices. The solution is allowed to cool down and the meat is soaked in it for five hours. The meat absorbs the flavored water and this also ensures moist flavorful meat. After brining, you can wrap the bird with bacon. Season the meat and the bacon with the spices you have selected. If you are using pieces of turkey meat, you can pound the meat pieces flat and then stuff before wrapping with bacon.


3. Cooking The Wrapped Meat

Roasting or grilling is the ideal method of preparing this meat. Roast the whole bird in a preheated oven and remember to time the roasting process. Insert a meat thermometer in the thickest part of the turkey meat. If you are using turkey meat, you can grill the meat or pan fry it quickly. The meat is cooked if the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees to 175 degrees.



  • A general rule of thumb is to have one pound of meat per person. As a result, for a group of six diners, you will require six pounds of turkey meat or a six-pound turkey.

  • Tradition dictates that you first stuff the bird, then cover it with bacon and roast it. However, we say you stuff the bird last. This is because the roasting process creates wonderful bacony juices that can be used to flavor your stuffing. In fact, the USFDA actively discourages users from stuffing the bird prior to cooking. Prepare the stuffing on the stove top and serve alongside the bird.


Turkey and bacon wraps are a treat to eat as the bacon makes them juicy and moist and filled with flavor. With a properly cooked bird, your family is guaranteed a good night’s sleep as turkey meat contains a large amount of tryptophan which converts to serotonin inside the body. A happy family, good food and a great night’s sleep: What a lovely ending to Thanksgiving.



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Tips To Wrap Turkey In Bacon