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Tips To Wrap Chicken In Bacon

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Busy day? Why not try making a bacon and chicken wrap as a quick snack. Simply put, this  is a thin slice of meat stuffed with a range of fillings and then wrapped with bacon. To simplify the recipe, we just seasoned the meat and then wrapped it with bacon. It was really easy to make. You can literally use any type of seasoning or sauce on the meat and you can prepare the wrapped rolls well in advance. Do take a look at these simple tips to make the perfect chicken wrapped with bacon.



Prepare Your Bacon Wrapped Chicken Quickly

1.Collect Your Ingredients 

We suggest you use about 3-4 breast pieces for each guest. You can try lean chicken or breast pieces to reduce the fat content of the dish. We prefer to use garlic and Asian spices but you can dry rubs like Cajun spice mixes, branded mixes, garlic and chili powder, chili and sugar, or even simple pepper, salt and garlic to season the meat. You can choose any variety or bacon that you want but for maximum flavor use low-fat organic bacon or center cut bacon to wrap the meat. Some children don’t like pork so I do keep turkey bacon on stand-by.  The bacon will not need additional salt but you can use a few herbs to add flavoring


2.Prepare the Meat

We prefer to pound the meat to get it as thin as possible. You can just as easily slice it into cubes or strips. If you choose to pound it, you can wrap the meat around stuffing. If you don’t have the time or patience to stuff the meat; you can skip the pounding and just cut the breast into thin fingers. Season the fingers of meat and wrap the bacon around it.


3.Make the Roll

Use toothpicks or scallion strips to tie up the roll firmly. It’s not necessary to tie up the roll or use the toothpicks but if you are serving bite-sized pieces, it just makes it easier to pick up and eat.


4.Cooking the Roll

The bacon wrapped meat roll can be cooked in a variety of ways. If you want a crisp outer shell, it’s a good idea to pan fry the roll. The heat will melt away the excess fat on the bacon and you will get a crunchy outside shell of bacon. If you don’t want to fry the roll, oven frying, or grilling will do just as well. Use a meat thermometer to ensure that the chicken is cooked on the inside. Properly cooked chicken should register as 160 degrees on the thermometer.



As soon as the bacon-and-chicken bites cook, remember to put them on a piece of kitchen paper to drain the extra fat. Unfortunately, these rolls seem to disappear as soon as I make them. If you are serving them as appetizers, it’s a good idea to make at least 4 per person. Serve them with steamed beans, gravy, mashed potatoes and steamed rice or garlic bread and watch the smiley faces around the dinner table.



  • Bacon contains a large amount of salt. To compensate for the high salt content, reduce the seasonings that you put on the chicken.

  • You can use turkey bacon if your family does not like pork.

  • Bite-sized pieces of bacon-wrapped-chicken can also prepped and kept ready. These can be popped into a hot oven for twenty minutes and served as appetizers.

  • For a special occasion, you can pound the chicken meat, stuff it with a filling, wrap with bacon and serve as a main dish.

  • You can also change the cut of meat and use drumsticks or chicken wings instead of boneless chicken.  


These bacon wrapped chicken bites are also very easy to make for special occasions. Microwave them for ten minutes and you are good to go. You can also serve them for friends and family with dietary restrictions as they are low-carb and gluten-free


Image Credit - , Bam's Kitchen.

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Tips To Wrap Chicken In Bacon