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Tips To Steam Lime

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561596-fresh-lime-for-steaming.jpgsaxeiwilst-2gg4tprqf6ttj8dwved0caoq8wc4fwusgafqjcne88qzmjfmnmyks1gyq-q8xs8nlmwOne of the juiciest fruits used in a number of drinks and in many herbal medicines is lime. Steaming lime is recommended since most of its juices can be easily squeezed out when it turns soft after being well steamed.  Here are some ways to do it easily at home.




Easy tips:


Use them Unpeeled:

  • Do not remove the peel from the lime when steaming since this section contains most of the nutrients. If you remove its outer covering, its nutrients are lost.


Arrangement in the basket:

  • Do not over crowd the steamer basket with many limes. Let them have enough space to get the heat from all sides.



  • Limes start turning soft at 150 degree F. Let them cook at this temperature for at least 10 minutes during which they will cook.



  • After ten minutes of steaming the lime use a fork to prick the lime and check if it is soft, which means it is ready to be used.


Soft steamed lime can change the flavor and taste of any food or drink - if you haven't tried it out till now - do it now!


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Tips To Steam Lime