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Tips To Steam Sausage

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561592-delicious-steamed-sausages.jpgsaxeikx3st4n4hownrafwt5h8dwved0cakq8wc4lqusgafqjcnhhw3vxjw22ozhrglmp1e5d6qmihaOne of the main reasons for the popularity of sausages are their  shapes, sizes and variety of uses. The easiest and the most common way of cooking it is steaming that ensures complete cooking since it heats the sausage from all sides. Moreover, steaming retains all its nutrition which usually gets lost while grilling or roasting. Here are some  tips which will help you to steam them properly.


Easy tips:


Use a medium size pan:

  • You do not need a very large pan for steaming sausage – just pick a medium size pan. You can place all the sausages in the pan for steaming.



  • You need to place water in such a way, that it covers just the bottom of the  pan. If you put too much water, it is going to dilute the flavor of the sausage.



  • Sausages take just 5 minutes to turn soft. Cook the sausages for just 5 minutes with its lid on and check if it is soft enough. If soft, it means that the sausage is cooked enough to be eaten.

Steamed sausages for breakfast

Check using meat thermometer:

  • To be doubly sure that your sausage is soft enough, check using a meat thermometer. The inner section of the meat needs to be 160 degree Farenheit which means that the meat is now ready to be eaten. If you find that the temperature has not reached the level, you can cook it for some more time.


Remove from pan:

  • Last, but not the least once you have completed the cooking, remember to remove the meat slowly using tongs, so that you do not burn your hands.


So, here were some easy tips to make your cooking simpler. If you have more of such tips, do share them with us.


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Tips To Steam Sausage