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Tony Gemignani on How To Toss Pizza Dough

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Eight-time world pizza-tossing champion and author of "Tony and the Pizza Champions," Tony Gemignani gives us step-by-step instructions on how to toss pizza dough in this clip.

"Tony and the Pizza Champions" is a dynamic picture book that invites readers to join in the dough-flying fun as Tony and his team of talented pizza-tossers travel to Italy to compete in an international competition. Pizza lovers of all ages will be amazed to get this inside peek into the acrobatic art of pizza tossing, and to see the many diverse ways that the much-loved food can be enjoyed here and abroad. Also included are Tony's famous pizza recipe and step-by-step dough-tossing instructions for those who want to get into the act.

Learn the art of tossing pizza dough from Tony Gemignani who is a world pizza-tossing champion. His skill of tossing the dough both with right and left hand is commendable. So, doesn't matter if you are right hander or a left hander, he shows you how to do it perfectly. Even if you are not a foodie, you would love watching him tossing his pizza dough, its fun.

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Tony Gemignani On How To Toss Pizza Dough Video