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Tips To Steam Trout

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Delicious steamed whole troutOne of the most delicious and nutritional freshwater fishes which can be caught wild or even farmed is trout. Steamed trout is highly nutritional since it is low in fat and a great source of vitamins which includes B6, B12, selenium and phosphorous. Health experts recommend steamed fish than its sautéed, fried or grilled form. If you haven’t tried steaming trout at home or have  doubts about the process of steaming, here are a few handy tips which you will find useful



Whole fish:

  • Always steam whole trouts since they taste best when cooked whole.


Use a steamer basket:


Placing of trouts:

  • Do not place all the trout in the steamer basket since they will stick to one another and it will be difficult to remove them later on. The fish will break and it will be difficult to use them.


Cooking time:

  • This is one of those fishes which does not take much time to cook. Let it steam for 20 minutes after the boiling starts boiling and check if it is soft. Cook trout will be soft and flaky to touch.



  • Trout is steamed at 145 degree Fahrenheit. You can insert an instant read thermometer in the trout and check its temperature, after the allotted cooking time.



You can serve cooked trout with sprinkled salt, pepper and other seasonings. Your friends and family will surely love them.


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Tips To Steam Trout