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Tips To Steam Cauliflower

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561500-fresh-cauliflower-for-steaming.jpgsaxeiaidpt-kzc4zrrqed-nn9cwved0cakq8wcusgafqjcnf4szhtoey6vyrwhhjqg1psz0mquqPreparing cauliflower according to different recipes is quite easy. Steaming is the most preferred method since it makes it less soggy  and helps to retain all its nutrients. Just like all other vegetables, cauliflower too loses its vital nutrients and minerals when it is grilled, boiled or pan fried. However, when it is steam cooked the nutrients are not lost and you get their full benefits. Here are a few simple tips of preparing the steamed vegetable.


Make bite sized florets:

When you prepare cauliflower for steaming, you have to chop them into bite size florets. This ensures that all parts of the cauliflower are evenly cooked inside.


Wash the florets:

Once you have made the florets, you need to wash them thoroughly under running water to get rid of all the impurities and chemicals which might stick to the vegetable. You can keep the florets under running water for at least 10 minutes to ensure that they are clean enough.


Steaming pot:

Place a pot of water on the top of the stove. The pot needs to have 1 inch of water at least. If you put more water than it is actually needed it will take longer time to steam.


Check the water for boiling:

Whenever you choose to steam any vegetable you have to ensure that the water is continuously boiling.


Boiling temperature:

The vegetable turns soft at 170-190 degree F. Let it steam at the higher temperature for 30 minutes and at the lower temperature for 10 minutes at least. 561502-deliciious-soft-cauliflower.jpgw600h437


Checking for softness:

Once you have steamed the vegetable for the required period of time, you will have to check if the vegetable is cooked well. Insert a fork or a knife and see if it pierces through the florets smoothly which means that it is cooked completely.



Once you notice that the vegetable is cooked, you can remove it from the stove. Be careful not to burn your hands when touching the hot pan - you can use hot pads or oven mittens to remove the colander which must be hot.


Perfectly steamed cauliflower can be used in vegetable salads, in soups and as a part of healthy meals. So, what are you waiting for - prepare something really delicious for your family and friends?


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Tips To Steam Cauliflower