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Tips To Steam Eggs

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561495-eggs-to-be-steamed.jpgsaxeiyhrpt6j-mszhraftwswqdaved0cakq8wcusgafqjcnezqvy2w6j6tjajv8oubwbuw9jlbqDo eggs tend to crack when you boil them? Try steaming the eggs instead! You will notice that the chances of eggs cracking is far less and the task of cooking the eggs becomes easier too. That is not all! Eggs which are steamed are healthier since oil is not used to prepare them unlike the process of scrambling or deep frying eggs. Here are some easy tips about steaming eggd which you will find very useful.


Use a double broiler:

  • Eggs need to steamed in a double broiler which has two pans that fit well and a lid. The top of the broiler has holes which let the steam rise from the water below. The bottom pan will have water which is put on the stove. The broiler pan can be kept on top of the bottom pan.


Do not overcrowd the pan:

  • You may have a large number off eggs to cool but do not put all of them together in the pan. Eggs will hit against each other and will crack.


Temperature for steaming:

  • Eggs steam well between 150 - 170 degree F when they cook just perfectly.  Let them steam at 170 degree F for around 10 minutes and at 150 degree F for around 20 minutes. You just need to ensure that the water boils continuously so that the egg steams well.


Cool the eggs:

  • You will have to check if the eggs are cooked after they have cooled down. You can cool the eggs for 5 minutes and tap them against a hard surface to crack. This will help you to know if they are cooked. You can then peel them.


There is actually little skill involved in steaming eggs - with a little practice and patience you can do it perfectly.


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Tips To Steam Eggs