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Tips To Steam Mango

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561420-peeled-and-chopped-mangoes-for-steaming.jpgsaxeix-vit5lpkimrrafpopmcdgved0cakq8wcusgafqjcnetegtexnztstbujhyycj8u1djskwFresh mangoes are full of vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium and necessary fibers. These are usually steamed and preserved for use throughout the year since they are not available in all seasons. Steamed mangoes are nutritious and used in a number of recipes such as jam, jellies and even sauces. Steaming the fruit can be done easily and the process does not require the use of too many equipments either.

Here are some easy steaming tips which you will find useful.


Peel and chop into chunks:

  • This is the first step. Remove the peel and chop it into chunks before steaming.It might be tough to peel mangoes - you can slice it half and then cut out the pit slowly. The cubes should be bite size pieces which will prevent them from overcooking during steaming . Mangoes will always retain their nutrients whether you have them steamed or fresh, with or without their peels.


Place mangoes on steamer basket:


Time and temperature:

  • Let the mangoes steam for 10-12 minutes at 120 degree F. Check if the fruit is soft - if it is soft, it means it is totally cooked and it’s the time to remove it from the steam. If you find that some sections of the fruit is still slightly uncooked, steamed it for further 3 minutes.


Check for softness:

  •  Perfectly steamed mangoes will be soft and tender.


Place in ice cold water:

  • Once you have cooked the mangoes your task does not end. Place them in cold water so that their inner cooking stops and they do not get mushy. This is a vital step and should be done just as you notice that you have cooked mangoes completely.


You can use the softly steamed fruit in desserts such as puddings and custard and also use it as a sauce or filling - you will simply love its taste.So try it.


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Tips To Steam Mango