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Tips To Steam Tomato

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Tomatoes in a steamer basketWe choose to steam tomatoes for a number of reasons - mainly for its use in sauces,  stews and  as side dishes. You can steam them for canning or any other preservative purpose too. Steamed tomatoes retain all their nutritive values which tends to get lost in other techniques like grilling or roasting.


The most convenient way of steaming is  in an electric food steamer  which offers specific directions and time for steaming. If you do not have such a steamer at home - you can use any ordinary steamer or a large pot. Check out some of our tips before steaming the vegetable to get the best results.


Do not chop or remove the skin from tomatoes:

  • Fresh tomatoes are very soft - do not try to remove their peel before steaming. It is not only going to be mushy and clumsy, but the vegetable will  also lose all its nutrients. Moreover, it is not possible to steam chopped tomatoes.


Choose large tomatoes:

  • It is recommended to choose large tomatoes for steaming which makes it easy to remove their peels after steaming. Smaller tomatoes tend to get soft soon and turn mushy. You will face lots of difficulties in using the softened form.


Wash the vegetable well:

  • Since you will be cooking these with their skin, it is important to wash them well. Rinse them  in cold water. Do not forget to remove their green top and cut an X just in the bottom part of each tomato. You can use a paring knife for the purpose.Steaming tomatoes


Add salt in water:

  • You should add 1 tsp salt to the water in the steamer and let it boil. This adds to the taste of cooked tomatoes.


Placing the tomatoes:

  • Tomatoes need to be placed upside down in the steamer basket. The basket should be placed in such a way that the water does not touch it.



  • Tomatoes are soft and should not take more than 3 minutes to cook. Steamed tomatoes should be soft to touch and their peel should come out easily.


Keep in ice cold water:

  • Once you find that the tomatoes are cooked, remove them immediately and place them in a bowl of ice water. This will stop their cooking process and prevent them from turning mushy.

Cooling steamd tomatoes in cold water

Isn't steaming tomatoes easy? You just need to be careful about the steaming time which needs a little alertness and you will have perfectly cooked soft tomatoes once you master the technique.


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Tips To Steam Tomato