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Tips To Steam Flour

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561285-flour-rolls-steamed.jpgsaxei2vtet-qlb4fvrqefiqxkcqved0cawq8wcusgafqjcneabiegl2pgtv3ny0ravtjee07zzgA common ingredient which forms the base for several baked goods and other recipes are flour. It is steamed for  easy handling and also better flavor. If you have ever tried making flour tortillas, you will agree that these roll much easier and taste a lot better when they are steamed before use. Steaming flour is recommended as the moisture and heat soften it and bring out its flavor like never before. Moreover, steamed flour is of lesser calories and a healthier option. Here are some easy tips which you are going to find useful.


Placing the steamer basket:

  • This may not be an important step while steaming vegetables and meat, but when you choose to steam flour, you have to be extra careful, about how you place the basket. You can place the steamer or basket just in the bottom of the pot. The bottom shouldn't touch the water.


Placing flour:

  • Suppose you wish to steam flour tortillas - you need to place these just in the middle of the steaming basket. Remember to keep the lid on.


Steaming time:


Check for softness:

  • Flour doesn't have to be extremely softened like  vegetables and meat.


Use kitchen towels:

  • Once your flour is ready keep them between the layers of kitchen towels so that they stay moist and warm till you use them.


So, the next time you choose to prepare a batch of burritos or need to set up a taco bar - just steam the flour ahead of time for best results.


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Tips To Steam Flour