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Tips To Steam Prawns

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561282-delicious-steamed-prawns.jpgsaxeicu3et-mopprafivfjecqved0cakq8wcusgafqjcnedkzpukeqszgbk9bfdjqbwc5s3mwMaking steamed prawns for your regular meals or even for classic cocktail parties  can be fun and appetizing for everyone, only if you know the right process of steaming. When you choose to prepare these at home use a mild seasoning for added aroma.  These are nutritious since they are cooked without oil or butter, which helps in retaining their nutritional value. Here are some steaming tips which will help you in your next party.



Use medium size prawns:


  • If you choose to steam prawns, it is advisable to pick medium sized fresh prawns which taste good and can be cooked easily too in a steamer.


Cleaning the prawns:

  • Prawns need to be cleaned very well. You can ask your fishmonger to peel as well as clean them. The tail can be left (helps in dipping). The shells  can be taken off. A pairing knife can be used to slice down the inside of the shrimp, to get rid of the digestive tract. This looks like a thin black line. You can even pull it out using your forefinger. It might be consuming but assures that you are not going to fall sick after consuming the prawns.


Getting ready:

  • Add bay leaves, coriander, dill and kosher salt in the water of the stock pot. This will give the steam a wonderful aroma which will get infused in the prawns.


Place the steamer:


Lower the flame:

  • Once you add the prawns for steaming, make sure that the flame is low. The lid should also be there on the stock pot. This helps to cook the shrimps really fast.



  • Prawns will not take a lot of time - let them steam in boiling water for at least 3-4 minutes.


Check if cooked:

  • To understand if the prawns are cooked, check their color. Their color will change from grey to pink which means they are now moderately soft and ready.


Chill the prawns:

  • Once the prawns are cooked, remove them from the steam and let them chill in ice. This is important so that their internal cooking ceases immediately.


Once done, you can serve freshly cooked prawns with  seasonings and sauces of your choice.


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Tips To Steam Prawns