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Tips To Steam Bok Choy

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561279-bok-choy-which-can-be-steamed.jpgsaxeitubet4mqgihqrqfgnnmwcqved0cakq8wc4fwusgafqjcngdgxicawgv4fwpy2inrbchsge-vwIf you are fond of Chinese dishes or love vegetables you must have tried out the delicious bok choy. Steamed bok choy is loved for its light flavor and nutrients in the form of vitamins and calcium. Steaming the vegetable is recommended since the process helps in preserving its nutrients and can be used in a number of dishes. If you haven't yet tried it out  or are looking forward to tips to make your task easy, keep reading...


Pick the right vegetable:

  • When you plan to steam the vegetable, make sure you buy the right one. Pick leaves and stalks which are firm. Never pick up wilting leaves or those which have already turned yellow.


Cutting and cleaning:

  • Cleaning is very important for all vegetables which you choose to steam. Use a very sharp knife and remove the base section of the vegetable. Rinse the leaves and stalk very well - keep the vegetable under running water for at least 10 minutes so that all dirt and dust is easily washed off.


Preparing the steamer:

  • This is an important step for steaming vegetables. Fill the steaming pot upto its half level with water. Now, you can place the steaming rack in its place.


When to place the leaves?

  • As soon as you notice that the water is boiling, place the cleaned leaves in the steamer. Cover and steam.



  • You have to steam till the leaves turn tender - this takes a maximum of 6 minutes. Check after 6 minutes to see if the bok choy has turned tender. This means they are completely cooked and ready to be served.



  • This is the last step. You need to remove the vegetable from the steamer and sprinkle soy sauce or salt before serving.


So, now you know, preparing delicious and tasty steamed bok choy dish is a matter of few minutes. Hope you enjoy!


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Tips To Steam Bok Choy