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Tips To Steam Turkey

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Are you tired of having turkey in the same style and taste? If you wish to try out something really healthy and delightful, you can consider having steamed turkey. This process helps in maintaining the natural flavor and moistness of the turkey meat without compromising on its taste either. Here are some tips which you may find useful while trying to steam the poultry meat.


Wash the turkey:

  • Whenever you choose to prepare raw meat you should wash it well to get rid of  bacteria and other sources of infection. You can rub the meat slowly under running water for sometime so that all the dirt and bacteria are wiped off.


Add seasonings:

  • Add any of your favorite spices or seasonings in the water. This will infuse a mouthwatering flavor to the cooked turkey.


Add chicken broth:

  • Those who are looking for some additional flavor and taste can add chicken broth instead of water. Turkey gets cooked in the flavored water which gives it a unique taste.


Steaming temperature:

  • This might seem to be a bit troublesome for you, especially when you are steaming turkey for the first time. It is ideal to set your steam oven to a temperature of 400 degree Farenheit and let it have a humidity of 30%. This will help to retain the nutritional count and add to the taste also.


Steaming time:



  • How do you know that your turkey is cooked completely? You can check its internal temperature by inserting a meat thermometer in the thickest section of the meat. The internal temperature should be around 165 degree Fahrenheit.


So, next time you have guests dropping home or simply wish to make your private dinner, really special, try out any of the mouthwatering steamed turkey dishes.


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Tips To Steam Turkey