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Tips To Steam Ham

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561231-delicious-ham-ready-to-be-served.jpgsaxeislhct5nrespprqerjvnmcqved0cakq8wcusgafqjcnhlw6gf-5ia0m5rrozsu99o-cjf3qMouthwatering steamed ham in beer served at restaurants is truly an unforgettable experience! You can prepare this delicious ham even at home, though this might seem to be a tough task initially. Ham is often steamed for several recipes like salads and sandwiches – so, here are some easy tips for you to use in your next cooking session.


Make slices:

  • No matter how you choose to use ham in your cooking, you should ideally make slices of ham before steaming. This cooks the meat evenly.


Add seasonings in water:

  • Steaming is the process in which food cooks in the steam of water, but the food itself is not placed in water. To make meat dishes flavorful, you can add seasonings such as spices, pepper and seasoning sauce to infuse ham with the desired flavor. The steam infuses the flavor in the ham and makes it delicious.



  • The ideal temperature for steaming ham is 200F. Let the ham cook in this temperature for at least 30 minutes, so that it cooks completely.


Retaining the nutritional value:

  • Steaming is a process by which nutrition is retained to its maximum level. To enjoy complete benefits of the ham, try to suspend the ham over the steamer basket so that it gets cooked in the steam completely.


So, the next time you are having a party and you desire to prepare a refreshing ham dish, do not forget to prepare this steamed delicacy.


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Tips To Steam Ham