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Tips To Steam Beef

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Beef for steaming in basketSteaming is a moist heating technique which helps in cooking beef till it gets tender and retains its flavor. This is considered to be a healthy cooking method, since additional fat is not used in its cooking and also because the meat is able to retain most of its nutrients, which often leach out when placed on water. Steaming beef is very common in most Asian recipes. Here are some easy tips which you can use during your cooking process.


Special baskets for steaming:


  • Steaming beef usually takes more time than chicken, pork or fish. This is one of the reasons why special baskets are available for  steaming. These baskets are designed in a way to help them place just within the saucepan.


Add pepper, onions and oil in pan


  • During steaming, beef cooks in the vapor or steam produced by the heating of surrounding water. Adding pepper, onions and oil in the pan helps in adding special flavors to the beef. You can also add desired seasonings and spices in the water to infuse the flavor in tender beef.

Beef completely ready for steaming

Steaming time:

  • Beef takes a long time to cook – normally between 60-90 minutes when steaming.



  • The ideal steaming temperature for beef is 210 F. Let the meat steam for at least 30 minutes in this temperature.


Checking for tenderness:

  • You will know that the beef is cooked when you will find that it has turned tender. Use a fork or knife to pierce through it  - if it passes through easily, it means the beef is ready and you can remove it from the heat.


Keep turning the beef:

  • It is a good idea to keep checking the beef in between – this will also give you the scope of turning it, so that all sides of the beef cook evenly.


Further tips:

  • To retain most of the nutritional value of beef you can suspend it over the pan which has water. The beef cooks in the steam and retains most of its nutrients – one of the best ways of ensuring that you get the best of your cooking.

Ready to be served steamed beef

Once the steamed beef is ready, you can garnish with parsley sprigs and cherry peppers and serve with hot rice.


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Tips To Steam Beef