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Tips To Steam Meat

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561178-steamed-meat-dishes.imagesqtbnand9gctkgf-f1r8vpuqjzpffk0zplcrggnzskhmzgf-4nhgattixxgs23tu9mmza5aMany of us believe that steaming meat robs it of its natural flavor and taste. This is not true – if you have tried out steamed meat dishes you will vouch for their taste and flavor. This is recommended for lesser calorie intake too since there is no use of oil which is essential in case of roasted meat. However, if you fail to steam it well, it’s surely going to be a disaster on your dinner table. Well – nothing to fret about – here are some quick tips for you to help in cooking the meat by steaming. I am sure, you are going to find this useful.


Use plastic gloves:

  • Raw meat may have bacteria or small germs which can cause infections – so, when you are handling these before washing, ensure you have your gloves on.


Wash well:

  • Before you start steaming the meat rinse it very well. It is best to leave meat under running water for at least 5 minutes so that it gets rid of all outside particles.

Washed meat ready to be steamed

Add seasoning sauce:

  • To add to the taste, do not forget to add a few spoons of seasoning sauce all over the meat. You can rub the sauce over the meat with your covered hands and ensure that the meat is well coated.


Choosing equipment:

  • Meat usually takes longer time to steam and hence it is best to use a stockpot or a Dutch oven for the purpose.


Use broth

  • To have the best of flavors use rich meat broth in the pot just under the rack. This is going to produce an irresistible flavor which you are going to love.

Meat broth for steaming


  • Let the meat steam for 10 minutes at the maximum temperature of 212°F. This will allow maximum cooking and will steam the meat evenly.


Checking the tenderness:

  • Check the meat if juicy and tender. It’s going to be tender when medium to well done. If after the desired time the meat does not turn tender, steam it for some more time.


  • Your meat will be completely cooked within 30 minutes.


These are some common tips to make your task easier – if you have some more tips, feel free to share them with us.


Image credits: lilyng2000, ushnish. italiankitchensecrets, monica-wong.

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Tips To Steam Meat