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Tips To Steam Sweet Potato

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Tips to steam sweet potatoOne of the vegetables which is not just confined to side dishes only is sweet potato. Its steamed form is not only healthy but makes several main dish casseroles and also crispy salads and even breads. The extraordinary yellowish and orange hue can liven up any dish - try steaming these at home, if you haven't yet tried these out. Here are some easy tips which will help you.


Easy tips:



Do not peel potatoes when you are steaming them. Peels are loaded with ingredients and if you peel them before steaming, you are going to lose out on the nutrition count. To keep the nutrition intact, steam them unpeeled.

Unpeeled sweet potato


If you are looking for quick steaming or would like to save time, just chop the potatoes into small cubes. These will cook quickly and can be used in many recipes. It is best to make 1 inch cubes.

Sweet potato cubes being steamed

Use steamer baskets:

Potatoes cook best in steamer baskets - you will find them completely cooked within 50 minutes. The ideal temperature should be (150-155F). Check for their tenderness and cook them a little bit more if they need further cooking.

Sweet potatoes for steaming in a basket

Steam in batches:

If you are preparing large quantity of potatoes, do not crowd them in the basket. Crowding them will not cook them evenly. Hence steam in batches for best results.

Steaming in batches


If you choose to steam the potatoes for salads you can add herbs in the water before steaming. This will infuse a wonderful aroma and make the potatoes flavored deliciously.



How will you know that your potatoes are all cooked and ready? It is easy - use a fork and pierce through the potatoes - if they are soft, your potatoes are ready.


So, it’s all about being creative while steaming the potatoes and using them in your recipes. Use your own ideas and tricks and you never know you may just come up with something new!


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Tips To Steam Sweet Potato