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Tips To Steam Turnips

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560927-fresh-baby-mushrooms-for-steaming.imagesqtbnand9gcsse-pansxls57r5zp1qlys9n93lwd-mh1l1t-jlbnkerh1-rmdskjbkxs2igOriginally known to be root vegetables, turnips in their raw form are crispy and spicy. Steamed turnips are usually soft and sweet and taste wonderful when served with savory spices and butter – thus, this technique of cooking the vegetable is the most preferred form, due to the ease of preparation and also its health quotient. Here are some easy tips for steaming which you will find  useful.


Quick tips


Choosing vegetables:

  • Pick turnips which are available during their season which are usually spring and fall. These are fresh and have the maximum flavors and taste at the time. Moreover, you need to pick only those which are firm and have smooth roots and some hair hanging from the bottom.


Steaming temperature:

  • The ideal temperature for steaming turnips is (150-155F).


Wash them well:

  • If you choose to steam the vegetable for your salad or soup recipes you have to wash them very well. Rinse them in water – scrub well to remove all their dirt.


  • If you use older turnips, you need to use a knife to peel these. In case you are using younger ones, peeling is not recommended since they have a very thick skin.



  • Chop the tarnips into wedges or into cubes when you choose to steam them.



  • You can add a pinch of lime juice in the parsnips while steaming which gives them a wonderful flavor and additional taste.


Checking the tenderness:

  • It is easy to know if the turnips are ready! Use a knife and pierce through - if they are tender, it means the turnips are cooked and can be used.


I think, the above tips are going to make your cooking easy – remember to serve your steamed turnips with butter and mashed potatoes or use them for preparing cakes.


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Tips To Steam Turnips