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Tips To Steam Snow Peas

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560680-perfectly-steamed-snow-peas.jpgsaxei78mat-uzosisraeaqbtidgved0caoq8wc4iqusgafqjcnfqh19gokjafxkpa-7vbqbnbuognaOne of the few vegetables which are so flavorful that they do not need the additional use of ginger and garlic to enhance their taste are the snow peas. Most often these are steamed and used in a number of vegetable curries, salads, soups and dips. Steaming snow peas is simple and is similar to other vegetables. Here are a few steps which you will find useful when steaming them.

Steaming tips:


Wash the snow peas:

  • Before you start steaming the vegetable it is very important that you wash it well. These usually have a lot of dirt which needs to be washed off. Wash it in running water preferably.


Steam in bunches:

  • It is always recommended to steam in bunches, but be careful not to put too many of them in the steamer basket. In such a case, they will not steam evenly.


Steaming time:

  • It will take just 7 minutes to steam this vegetables. Once the time has elapsed you can remove it from the steamer basket and check for the tenderness and then steam it more or keep it in another container as per your requirement.


I hope you will find all the above steaming tips very useful. Keep reading ifoodtv for more such interesting tips and techniques which will make your cooking easier.


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Tips To Steam Snow Peas