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Tips To Steam Mint

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560639-mint-used-in-steaming.jpgsaxeikiwzt-uolsiqrafp84tcaqved0casq8wcusgafqjcneywnh9psk-ol1i-ymvd5l2dbz37wWe all know that mint is a  delicious addictive which lends a delightful and natural fragrance to food items. Steaming mint is one of the ways to enliven certain foods which can also be used as a herbal remedy in treating different types of ailments. If you are able to steam it properly you will be able to extract a strong concentrate of mint that works beautifully both as a food and as a medicine. Here are some quick and easy ways of steaming the fragrant leaf.


Easy ways to steam:


Use a steamer:

  • The best way to steam mint is to use a steamer. This basket can be placed over the water and then the burner can be turned on high flame.


Add mint leaves in bunches:

  • Just before steaming the mint leaves you can place these in a mortar and bruise them very lightly using the pestle.


Reducing the flame:

  • It is very important to reduce the flame to medium once you find that the water is boiling or else the water will dry up and the leaves will not get steamed properly.


Steaming time:

  • It is important to steam the leaves for just 30 minutes and have them thoroughly wilted. You will notice that the leaves will have a very light green color and will have a strong mint smell.


The above tips will surely make your mint steaming easy and hassle-free. If you have more such ideas, do share them with us.


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Tips To Steam Mint