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Tips To Steam Lamb

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560637-lambs-for-steaming.jpgsaxeiqnuzt8ekfzhqrqedia2-aqved0casq8wc4gqusgafqjcngidoevtcmmommsdclghxkw4yzqxwConventional dishes of steamed lamb chops or cutlets can truly be mouthwatering.  These dishes can be prepared at home too if you are able to steam the lamb properly. Uncooked or semi cooked lamb can be a total disappointment and all your efforts will go down the drain if you are unable to get this cooking process right. Here are some tips which will help you to prepare steamed lamb curry or similar dishes by steaming lamb whenever you wish.


Lamb steaming tips:


Select the right pieces:

  • All parts of lamb may not be suitable for steaming. Its best to choose tripe, forequarter cuts, kidney and heart.


Tight fitting lid:

  • You can use any kind of utensil or cooker for steaming it – just ensure that its lid is very tight fitting. If you are using a steamer, ensure that its door is closing very firmly and tightly so that all moisture and heat is retained.


Steaming Time:

  • Steam lamb for at least 40 minutes before checking for tenderness for moderate quantity of lamb. If you are steaming large quantities of lamb, it will certainly take a lot more time. So, keep checking and putting it back to heat till you get the right kind of tenderness.


So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to prepare delicious steamed lamb cutlets, chops and salads for your family and friends to  enjoy.


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Tips To Steam Lamb