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Tips To Steam Couscous

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Delicious steamed couscousSteamed Couscous (Berber dish of semolina) is an authentic Moroccan dish which tastes wonderful with its steamed vegetable and stewed meat topping. To prepare this specialty dish you have to steam Couscous properly or else you will not get the authentic taste and flavor of the dish.  You can refer to the following tips for steaming – it’s surely going to add to your confidence!


Easy tips:


Add vegetable oil:

  • Add vegetable oil to your bowl of couscous and use your hands to distribute the oil. This helps in preventing the clumping and keeps every grain of couscous separate from one another.


Prepare the steamer:

  • It’s very important to oil the interior sections of the steamer. When you transfer the couscous in the steamer be careful not to pack or compress the couscous too much.


Seal all joints:

  • You should seal the joint where the base and steamer meet. You can place a damp cloth on the section or use a kitchen plastic to wrap the joint.


Steaming time:

  • This is completely dependant on the volume of couscous you are steaming. This is one area which will need some practice and experimentation.



I hope the above tips will help you to prepare this delicious steamed Moroccan dish and wow your friends.


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Tips To Steam Couscous