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Tips To Steam Tuna

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Delicious steamed tuna servedAn oil rich flavor and a very flaky texture is one of the unique features of tuna. Steaming the fish is an effective way of cooking as it retains much of its food nutrients, a benefit which cannot be obtained by boiling or roasting. Moreover, you will be happy to know, that it creates less of mess too! Here are some quick and easy tips for steaming.


Tuna steaming tips:


Choose properly:

  • You need to ensure that the steak you choose for steaming is well trimmed and has a fresh, firm and meaty smell. Do not pick steaks which look discolored near the bones or which have brownish patches.


Do not wash too much:

  • Do not wash tuna too much before steaming. The freshness of the is maintained with its high oil content and washing will rob it.Fresh tuna for steaming


Steaming time:

  • Do not try to steam the fish for more than 8 minutes. Too much steaming will soften it excessively.


Remove from heat:

  • Once tuna is all steamed quickly remove it from the steamer and place it in another dish to stop its cooking process.


These were some small tips, which will surely help you to prepare steamed tuna.


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Tips To Steam Tuna