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Tips To Steam Fruits

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Freshly made steamed fruit saladMommies often desire to steam fruits for their babies as the process softens the fruits while keeping their nutrients intact. It is quite easy to steam any fruit,  it’s just that you need to be a little extra careful and not over-cook it destroying the health benefits completely . The steamed fruits make healthy desserts and salads too.  In case you are looking for some easy tips, you will find these very useful.


Steaming tips for fruits:


Keep the skin:

  • Always steam fruits with their skin on as it will retain all their vitamins. However, if the skin is very tough, you have to remove it.


Use very little water:


Steam same type of fruits at a time:

  • Do not steam different varieties of fruits as their flavors will mix and you may not like its taste.


Steam in bunches:

  • Do not steam all your fruits at once – steam them in small batches which will ensure their proper cooking.


So, what are you waiting for – serve healthy and softened freshly steamed fruits to your family.


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Tips To Steam Fruits