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Tips To Steam Tofu

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Delicious steamed tofuA very quick and easy tofu preparation is its steamed form which needs just a few steps and very little utensils. Steamed tofu contains very less calories and has high protein value which makes it quite a healthy dish. It can be added to stir fried vegetables and even to rice dishes. Here are some quick and convenient tips which will help you to steam tofu.


Steaming Tofu – Tips


Measure water:

  • Adding the right quantity of water is very essential for any tofu dish. When the water reaches  boiling point, it needs to be at least an inch below the base of the basket.


Slice the tofu:


Cover using a foil:

  • Cover your steaming basket with a foil or else moisture will escape right through the basket.


Use gloves:

  • Whenever any steaming process is involved, you need to take some extra precautions so that you do not hurt yourself. When you place your tofu basket in the boiling water, do not forget to wear gloves.


Use pan cover:

  • Just to be extra sure that there is no steam leak, you can use an additional pan to cover your pan.


Medium Heat:

  • Always steam tofu in medium heat. High flame will not cook it well.

Ready to serve steam tofu


These were some of the time-tested tips on steaming tofu. If you have more of such ideas, do not forget to write us back.


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Tips To Steam Tofu