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Tips To Remove Meat Odor

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Meat smellDealing with meat odor is not a pleasant experience. Whether the source is yet to prepare fresh meat or the leftovers or the remnants in a refrigerator/freezer, the foul smell of meat is capable of causing discomfort and irritation. However, there are some ways to combat it helping you to remove meat odor completely. Read on to know more.




How To Remove Meat Odor Completely:

For removing meat odor from utensils:

  • Wash the utensils with baking soda solution/vinegar.
  • Brew some tea for 10-15 minutes, discard the liquid and then wash it.



For removing meat smell from kitchen/home:

  • Clean the surfaces that were in contact with meat or meat packaging materials with baking soda.
  • Wipe off the surfaces that were in contact with the meat or may have absorbed 
  • their smell with white vinegar. Allow the vinegar to sit for several hours and clean with a damp cloth.
  • If the area with the meat smell can be closed off (refrigerator, a small room with a door or a car) place a new bag of charcoal. Open the bag so that air can freely enter into it and leave the bag in that place for up to one week (to allow it to absorb all of the smell) and dispose of the bag.
  • If the area with the meat odor cannot be closed off, spread coffee grounds and place an open box of baking soda nearby. After one week, throw away the baking soda and vacuum the coffee grounds.


For removing meat odor from hands:

  • Rub your hands with the juice of half a lemon and wash hands the hands with warm soap and lukewarm water.
  • Wash your hands with equal amount of mild dish detergent and sugar.


Meat odor can never be enjoyed since it may accompany flies and other insects sometimes and so it is always better to ward off meat odor at the earliest possible. Try the above mentioned tips and alleviate meat odor.


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Tips To Remove Meat Odor