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How To Thaw Frozen Meat

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Thaw Your Frozen Meat The Correct WayBe it Thanksgiving or Easter, staying  informed about the various ways you can thaw frozen meat is really going to help you. It is, quite often, a tempting affair to place the frozen meat in a pan filled with boiling water or just keep it on your kitchen rack at room temperature. However, the fact is that both these methods are incorrect as they can trigger the growth of bacteria, thus spoiling your whole effort. This blog talks about the various ways one can defrost meat. So, read on…



Thaw Your Frozen Meat The Correct Way


1. Refrigerator Method

Irrespective of the fact that you need quite some time under this method, it is, undeniably, the most preferable and safest way of defrosting. The temperature of the refrigerator should always be kept in between 4°C and 2°C. A slight increase in temperature above 4°C could also produce undesirable effects.


Place the meat on a plate so that you can preserve the juices dripping during the process. Arrange the plate on the lowermost rack of the fridge, away from other ready-to-eat food items. Allow sufficient amount of time to completely thaw the meat, which could fall anywhere between 6 to 48 hours, depending on the quantity to be defrosted. Many a time, you will find yourself talking about one week – the case being a whole, frozen turkey.


Once thawed, make sure that you either keep it refrigerated or use it at the earliest.


Thawing Meat Using Cold Water Tub2. Cold Water Bath Method

This is quite faster than the refrigerator method and reliable to a certain extent. Fill a tub with cold water from the tap. Wrap the meat thoroughly in a plastic wrapper. Even the slightest contact with water can prove to be dangerous to the meat. Now, place the frozen, wrapped meat in the cold-water filled tub. Change the water every half an hour, positioning the package simultaneously, until the meat is completely defrosted. Make sure that you use this meat within 60 minutes of thawing for the best results.


3. Microwave Method

While this is not a highly advisable method, you can use this alternative if you are in real hurry. The major drawback of this method is that you will never get an evenly defrosted meat. Placing the frozen meat in the oven for a longer time waiting its complete thawing can invoke the growth of harmful bacteria, thus make it inedible. Uneven defrosting leads to uneven cooking, which can contaminate the meat.


Handy Tips

  • Never leave frozen meat on your kitchen platform at room temperature for defrosting; it can trigger bacterial growth.
  • Never be in a hurry to thaw the meat, as it will prevent even defrosting.
  • Never refreeze once thawed meat.


The next time you want to thaw frozen meat, you should rely on your refrigerator. However, if are asked cook frozen meat within a short notice, then opt for your oven. Remember these tips and have a happy cooking!


Here is a quick video that gives you inetersting information about this thawing process!


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How To Thaw Frozen Meat