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Tips To Remove Alcohol Odor

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Alcohol odorAlcohol has a unique smell that would be apparent on the breath of people who have been drinking. This stale stink can be embarrassing in social situations and may make you feel bad. Alcohol draws the moisture from the mouth, dehydrates and intensifies the strong smell. It is of course tough to get the smell of alcohol off your breath completely, but you can attempt to mask it with by following the tips below.






Tips To Mask The Smell of Alcohol:

  • Opt for clear alcohols like vodka, which smell less strong than colored alcoholic beverages, like whiskey.
  • Mixing various types of alcohols will cause strong odor. Stick to one type so that the smell will be less obvious.
  • Eat foods that are strong in flavor and smell after consuming alcoholic beverages. Garlic and onion are the best and standard choices.Floss
  • Mask the odor of alcohol with caffeinated beverage like coffee or soda.
  • Use chewing gum. Let it be a sour fruit kind of chewing gum, which will support saliva production; or a minty aroma with as much menthol as possible.
  • When you're done with drinking, brush your teeth, floss it, use a mouthwash and even try to scrape your tongue. Getting your mouth clean may help to reduce stinky smell of alcohol.
  • Drink plenty of water which will help to eliminate alcohol odor that might be remaining in your mouth.
  • Try to distract people near you from the smell by using plenty of heavy perfume.
  • Try a fabric freshener or vinegar if your clothes and fabrics also start smelling.


The more you drink, the more you will smell! Take a whiff of your drink before you sip it and if it is too strong reduce the quantity of intake. This would help reducing alcohol odor that would have positive effect on your health too. Ward off alcohol odor by trying out the above mentioned tips. Cheers!


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Tips To Remove Alcohol Odor