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Tips To Steam Cabbage

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559623-cabbage-before-steaming.jpgw500One of the most versatile vegetables used in a number of recipes is cabbage. It is available in a number of varieties such as savoy, red and green. Steaming this nutritious veggie is one of the most common techniques utilized during  preparing soups, salads and stews. Here are some easy and quick tips which will help you to steam the vegetable easily.


Cut thin slices:

If you are steaming cabbage you have to cut very thin slices of the vegetable. Cutting cabbage isn't as easy as it might seem to be initially. Its ideal to start cutting thin slices from the outside and you will notice that it is easy to shred cabbage in such a way.


High Flame:

Once you place the pot on stove you have to turn the burner to high flame. Slow steaming of cabbage is not usually recommended.


Steaming time:

If you are using shredded cabbage, you will have to steam it for just 7-8 minutes. In case you are using as wedges, you need to steam it for 12 minutes. Remember to place the lid on top of the basket so that the steam is held inside for long which will help to cook it. Check if the cabbage is tender before you remove it from the heat.Checking tenderness of cabbage


Drain excess water:

Once you have found that your vegetable has reached the desired tenderness and you do not wish to soften it further, you should at once drain the excess water, so that cooking stops. If the cabbage is left in the water, it will cook further and become extremely limp. 559625-completely-steamed-cabbage.imagesqtbnand9gcrtzn-bda-vji2pqsxzmjz6gql1kr6f5rsy2qyiekwmxddda2gj5-cnuxw1


Hope these tips will  make your cooking easy and you will be able to prepare some great dishes using steamed cabbage.


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Tips To Steam Cabbage