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Tips To Remove Fish Odor

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Fish smellAfter a yummy treat of special fish dishes, what stays in your mind long after the fun is over? The lip-smacking taste of the preparation or the fishy smell? Yes folks! Having fish smell on hands, refrigerator, clothes or house would not be preferred by any fish-lover, however, fond he may be of seafood. You do not have to worry though! There are several methods of warding off the odor. Here are some tips to remove the fish odor from your hands and house as well. Do check them out!









Tips To Remove Fish Odor:

For removing fish odor from clothes:

  • Spray some baking soda on the clothes. and expose them to sunlight.
  • After two hours take some water in a tub enough to immerse the cloth and pour one cup of white vinegar in it.
  • Immerse the cloth and leave it for half an hour and then remove from the tub.
  • Wash with warm water and laundry detergent and after drying there will not be any traces of fish odor in the cloth for sure.


For removing fish smell from refrigerator or freezer:

  • Empty the refrigerator or freezer and turn it off.
  • Keep a container of boiling hot water with a sliced lemon in it.
  • Leave for an hour and then wipe the walls and shelves thoroughly with a cloth dipped in white vinegar.
  • The stinky smell of fish would have gone away from your fridge.


For reducing fish odor while cooking:

  • While cooking fish, heat some oil(preferably olive oil) in a pan and add cinnamon in it. You can feel the sweet cinnamon smell over the fish odor.
  • Addition of lemon juice or vinegar to boiling water and continuing boiling it when cooking can expel fish odor from the kitchen.
  • Before cooking, soak the raw fish for some time in a solution of vinegar and water.

Vinegar and Lemon


For removing fish odor from oven:

  • Line the baking dish with aluminum foil so that it can be easily discard once the baking is done without having the smell remaining in the oven. If still there is some smell, boil a cup of water with lemon rinds in it in an oven safe dish.


For removing fish smell from kitchen utensils:

  • Wash the items with baking soda solution/vinegar.
  • Brewing some tea for 10-15 minutes and then discard the liquid and then wash it.


For removing fish odor from hands:


  • Rub your hands with the juice of half a lemon and wash hands the hands with warm soap and lukewarm water.
  • Wash your hands with equal amount of  mild dish detergen
  • t and sugar.



The next time you happen to have delicious a fish based menu handy, enjoy it without worrying about the stinky odor. Try out these tips and ward off the fish smell!


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Tips To Remove Fish Odor