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Tips To Steam Apple

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Sliced apples for steamingDoctors often recommend steamed apples as a health food  especially in cases where the patient suffers from acute intestinal problems.  Steaming the fruit is very simple and does not require elaborate preparations or even equipments. Moreover, it can be done in a very short time. In case you have not steamed these healthy fruits earlier and are looking for some  ideas, here are a few handy tips which you may find useful.


Apple slices:

Whole apples are difficult to steam and the process is not much recommended too. Just make half slices from a whole apple and get rid of its core. You can then cut the apple halves into more slices.



Apples can be steamed in different equipment such as in a microwave, a saucepan or in a steamer. You just need to ensure that the equipment allows you to steam easily.

Steaming apples on stove

Steaming time:

Apples do not need a prolonged steaming time – if you steam these for more than 15 minutes, your apples are going to turn mushy. The recommended time is 10 minutes. Check the tenderness of the apples after the time and if tender you can stop further cooking.


Hope you won’t face any kind of problems while steaming apples the next time. If you have  more tips and tricks, do share them with us.


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Tips To Steam Apple