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Tips To Steam Salmon

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Steamed salmon ready to be servedHealth conscious seafood lovers have found their way to have salmon, which is known to have very high levels of niacin, phosphorus and vitamin B- 12. Steaming the fish helps to reduce its fat content and makes it healthier and fit to be used in different recipes. Here are some quick tips on steaming it and making your meals healthier.


Seasoning salmon:

You need to season the fish before you steam it - this is best done by sprinkling it with salt. soy sauce and white pepper. Once seasoned well, your salmon is ready to be steamed.


Wrap salmon using cheese cloth:

The common problem faced after steaming salmon is its breakage, when trying to lift it from the steamer. To prevent the steamed pieces from breaking off after cooking, you can wrap the pieces using a cheesecloth. Your salmon pieces will be just as you sliced them and as you need them for your recipes.


Steaming time:

This needs to be planned very cautiously. Do not steam the fish for more than 10 minutes or else the pieces will melt away. If during the steaming you find that the water level is coming down, you can add some more water.Steaming salmon till tender


Checking the tenderness:

Once the designated steaming time is completed use a sharp knife or utensil and poke the thickest part of the fish to check if its tender enough and if it flakes easily. If it does not, put it back into the steamer and steam it for further 2 minutes.


Last, but not the least ensure that  the fish does not touch the water of the bowl during steaming or the flesh will simply melt away. Serve steamed salmon with hot rice for the best results.


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Tips To Steam Salmon