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Tips to Make Homemade French Fries

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homemade french friesThe most challenging part of preparing French fries  at home is in getting its crunchiness right. If you have been trying hard to make them perfect and experiencing some kind of difficulty, here are some very useful tips and ideas which are sure to help 


Easy Tips for beginners:


  • Selecting Potatoes:

Use the right kind of potatoes – Idaho or russet potatoes are considered to be the best for French fries.


  • Soaking:

Many times we do not get the desired crunchiness because we do not soak them for long or soak them in water at room temperature. For the perfect fries, you should soak the potatoes preferably in cold water.


  • Using lard:

If you use lard in place of oil, you are sure to get a better taste. Its true that lard is not good for health, but the fact remains that scientists are yet to fully discover facts related to fat. So, if you have in moderation, it is surely not going to harm you.


  • Cooking in small batches:

Do not make the mistake of cooking all the potatoes at once. It’s best to cook them in batches and pull them as soon as you find them of the color you are looking forward to. Do not forget to put them in a grease paper to drain out the excess oil.


  • Adding salt:

Add salt when the potatoes are hot since salt does not stick when any food has cooled down.


  • Frying twice:

This is recommended by many professional chefs. Cook one batch till they are golden brown in color. Once you have completed cooking these in batches, you can put the potatoes back in the oil. This adds to the crunchiness of the fries.

You might need a bit of time to get it perfect  with the right  crunchiness. Don't worry, just try your best and enjoy the fries with your family and friends.


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Tips To Make Homemade French Fries