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Tips To Bake Halloween Cookies Quickly

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Halloween cookiesHalloween is the time to experiment with fall flavors and what better to get the kids interested than by baking some yummy Halloween cookies . Pumpkins, apples, ginger, cranberries incorporated within the cookies make them unique and apt for the season. You can also capture the festive mood by making cool weather delights like peanut butter fingers, ginger cookies, iced pumpkin cookies etc. Read on for tips to help you make these delights quickly.



Quick Halloween Cookie Baking Tips

  • If you want scary Halloween cookies real fast, opt for a simple ginger or pumpkin cookie recipe and decorate to create the frightHalloween cookies feeling.
  • Use red colored piping gel to transform innocent cookies to blood soaked terrors.
  • Use royal icing as the base layer on the cookies and once this hardens, use black or brown frosting to draw skeletons or skulls on them.
  • Try frosting two cookies together to get the eyeball effect.
  • Add food coloring to royal icing to get colored frosting. Make scary spiders and other creepy crawlies on cookies.
  • Make gross looking cookies by decorating it with chopped candies and green colored royal icing.
  • Use ghost shaped cookie cutters and use white frosting on them. Add in the eyes with black or brown frosting.
  • Do not forget to make a bunch of orange colored pumpkin Halloween cookies. Orange royal icing can be used for a more profound effect.



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Tips for making the Best Cookies for Halloween

  • Halloween cookiesPipe cookie dough into finger shapes for Witches fingers. Use whole blanched almonds for finger nails and frost to give it the right hues.
  • Use cookie cutters to cut out classic Halloween shapes.
  • Use chocolate dough for making black cats, spiders, and witches’ hats.
  • Use sugar cookie dough for pumpkins, bones, skulls, owls, and ghosts.
  • Bar cookies can be made for a chewy texture.


Trick and treat this Halloween with these lovely cookies made at home without much hassle.


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Tips To Bake Halloween Cookies Quickly