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Easy Tips To Poach Scallops

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Tips to poach scallopsUsing hot liquid to poach scallops will allow you to enjoy its concentrated flavor, without any addition of fat. Scallops are among the few seafoods that can be poached without loss of flavor and texture. The process is simple and can be easily performed at home in a matter of minutes. Let us see how this can be done as well as pick up some easy tips to poach scallops...









Tips for Poaching Scallops

  1. Prepare scallops by removing the small lobed feet and washing it very well in clean water.                                                           Tips to poach scallops
  2. Take a sauté pan or a heavy bottomed pot, large enough the comfortably hold the seafood.
  3. Add wine, broth, peppercorns and bring the mixture to boil.
  4. Reduce heat and let liquid simmer gently.
  5. Season as desired with salt, dill, parsley, lemon wedges, or rind etc.
  6. Add in the scallops so as to arrange them neatly in the pan.
  7. The poaching liquid should just about cover the top of the scallops.
  8. Cook for about 5 minutes.
  9. Scallops are done when the center becomes firm and opaque.
  10. Using slotted spoons, transfer poached scallops onto serving plates.

The poaching liquid can be further reduced and flavored by addition of vegetables, herbs etc. The liquid can be drizzled over the poached scallops prior to serving.


Watch the video for recipe ideas on how to poach scallops as well as some tips to do so:


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5 Easy Tips to Poach Scallops

  1. Make sure that the liquid is not boiling when scallops are added and cooked.
  2. The surface of the liquid should not be bubbling; rather no bubbles should break the surface when poaching is underway.
  3. Once scallops are added, do not cover the pan. Scallops will be cooked uncovered in the pan.
  4. The right way to determine if seafood is cooked is to check its center. Once center is firm, the scallops are done.
  5. Do not overcook scallops, lest they get rubbery in texture.


Poach scallops in butter, wine, etc, to enjoy a variety of flavors. Scallops taste delicious when poached and make a delectable main dish.


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Easy Tips To Poach Scallops