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How To Shred Ham

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556540-shred-ham.shred-hamSome shredded ham in the refrigerator can calm your concerns of a quick meal after a long day at home. Shredded ham makes delicious fillers for rolls, sandwiches, pies, and makes excellent side dish when stir- fried, as topping on bagels, toasts etc. Read on for simple steps that can be followed to shred ham without much hassle…








Steps to Shred Ham

  1. Place cooked ham on a flat tray. The ham can be shredded using a number of kitchen tools.                                                           556541-shredding-ham.shredding-ham

    1. Shredding with forks - Place cooked ham on a flat tray. Using two forks, gently shred ham.
    2. Using a food processor – A food processor with a shredder attachment can also be used for shredding ham. Just insert ham in the food chute of the food processor for even shredding of ham.
    3. Use knife and fork – Use the knife to hold the ham stable while gently pulling way meat with the fork.
    4. Using meat tenderizer – Beat ham placed on a cutting board with the meat tenderizer to shred it completely.
  2. Shred ham and return it to the pot or fire for further cooking. This would render the shredded pieces moist and soft.
  3. Use pieces of ham immediately or alternately, store in airtight freezer containers or zip-lock bags in the refrigerator for use later on.


Watch the video to pick up some more tips on how to shred ham:



Shred ham at home and use it to make delicious recipes for friends and family.


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How To Shred Ham