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How To Shred Onion

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how to shred onionShredded onion has more texture than chopped or diced ones and hence, when added to sandwiches, salads, marinades, soups, stir-fries etc, they blend to increase volume and adds a bite too. Shredding onion is not a very difficult job and if you have a working manual grater, you job is done. For large quantities of shredded onion, a blender or food processor would be the contraption of choice. Read on for details steps…





Steps to Shred Onion

  1. how to shred onionPeel onions and get rid of the flaky skin.                                                                                                                                                
  2. Place peeled onion on the cutting board and using a sharp knife, cut through the stalk to get two halves. Using a paring knife cut and discard the stem base.
  3. Shredding method:

    1. Manual grater – This is the most common tool of choice for grating onion. A stand-alone grater would be ideal. Just place it on the plate or bowl and run one half of the onion on the metal rivets in a downward movement. Then again, bring it up and repeat.
    2. Food processor/ Blender – Cut onion halves into smaller pieces and transfer into the food chute of a food processor or a blender. Process to get shredded onion.
  4. Shredded onion is best used immediately, since this would ensure maximum taste.


Watch the video for more information on how to shred onion:


how to shred onionLearn to shred onion the right way at home and use it in a variety of recipes as desired.














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How To Shred Onion