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How To Shred Ginger

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how to shred gingerShredded ginger is ideal for salads, garnishes, and frequently used in several Asian dishes. They impart just the right amount of the gingery taste without being too strong. Shredding ginger is no uphill task and can be done within minutes. Freshly grated ginger root makes excellent addition to drinks, cocktails, beverages etc. Learn how to shred ginger and enjoy its exotic taste right at home…







Steps to Shred Ginger


  1. How to shred gingerWash ginger root very well and ensure that they do not have any mud sticking on them.                                                                   
  2. Ginger can be shredded with or without the peel as desired. However, let us peel it as wash the peeled ginger root in water. Dry using kitchen towels.
  3. Ginger root can be grated in many ways. A knife, hand held grater, or a blender can get the job done.
  4. Shredding method:

    1. how to shred gingerKnife – Place peeled ginger root on the cutting board. Cut ginger into thin strips using a knife. Now turn the strips on to their flat surface and then cut them into smaller and thinner stripes crosswise.
    2. Blender/Food processorCut peeled ginger root into smaller pieces and transfer into blender. Process using the pulse setting to shred ginger root.
    3. Grater – Hold the grater with one hand and with the other hand (preferably the dominant one) run ginger root on the grater to get a pile of shredded ginger beneath.
  5. Use shredded ginger in teas, lemonade with honey, muffins, cakes, cookies, breads etc. The possibilities are endless.


Watch the video for more information on how to shred ginger:




Ginger root is a versatile spice and by learning how to shred ginger at home, you can enjoy its many benefits more often.



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How To Shred Ginger