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How To Shred Cheddar Cheese

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shred cheddar cheeseCheddar cheese is a hard cheese and hence shredding it easy. A hand held cheese grater is ideal if you need small quantities of grated cheese for garnishing pizzas etc. However, a blender can be used for shredding it if larger quantities are required. Read on to learn both ways of shredding cheddar cheese…






Steps to Shred Cheddar Cheese with a Manual Cheese Grater

  1. Place cheese blocks in the refrigerator for about 20minutes prior to grating it. This would make it firm and shredding would beshred cheddar cheese easier.
  2. Hold the cheese block with the dominant hand and with the other hand hold the cheese grater over a plate or a bowl.
  3. Run cheese block over the metal rivets of the grater to get shredded cheese ribbons on the plate/bowl.
  4. Continue to do this until cheese block is completely grated.






shred cheddar cheeseSteps to Shred Cheddar Cheese in a Blender

  1. Cut cheese into small cubes and then refrigerate for about 60 minutes. Hard cheese would get shredded in a blender unlike the soft ones that may become a paste.
  2. Place cheddar cheese cubes into the blender and close the lid.
  3. Use the pulse setting in short bursts to shred cheddar cheese into smaller pieces.
  4. Transfer cheddar cheese into a small bowl and use as desired.










Learn how to shred cheddar cheese at home save your money by buying whole cheese than shredded ones from the market.


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How To Shred Cheddar Cheese